Executive Director/Founder

New York State native Brandi Lyons found herself working in the Oil and Gas Industry after moving to Houston, Tx in 2000.  While holding multiple positions in the industry, she found a definate lack of Mental Health Resources.  

After a number of losses of coworkers and friends to suicide, she decided to take action.  Keep Going - The Movement was born, as a way to promotoe Mental Wellness in the workplace and has now evolved into an even wider spread mission.

The sheer determination and incredibly thick skin that the Oil and Gas Industry developed in her, has not hardened  her heart for humanity.  Her authenticity and "keep it real" attitude are exactly what we need when pushing for Mental Health Resources in the workplace and Anti-Bullying campaigns in our schools.

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Board Member/Treasurer

As a Houston Native, Maria Palacios knows everything there is to know about the Houston area.  Her knowledge and creativity have been proven assets to the organization.  

Maria brings a sense of responsibility and accountability to the team.  Her level-headedness keeps us going in the right direction, and pushes us forward when we start to slip.

Her professional career has provided her the necessary training to wear many hats.  Taking on new challenges and navigating rough waters, while making it look easy, is exactly what Keep Going - The Movement needs.  She inhibits the sense of resiliency and perseverence that KGTM strives to portray. 

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Board Member/Secretary

As a Los Angeles Native, Leslie Dedrick has not only found a home in Texas, but has embraced her community with her whole heart.  Serving as the Director of Friends of Sundown with Attack Poverty, she has given selflessly of herself to her new home.

Leslie is a bright light of encouragement when we need it the most.  Her belief in Keep Going - The Movement's mission is unrivaled by any other.  Her passion to help others is nothing short of inspiring.

Leslie brings with her all of her experience in the nonprofit world, and is an excellent resource of advice.  If you want something to happen, just tell Leslie!

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